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Here you will find some of our other projects, random thoughts, news etc. As well as a few photo compostions whci we do as a practise for photoshop composition techniques – which come in handy in the workflow and are also great fun to do….

Photography at Watermead Park Birstall

On Monday I had a spare 5 minutes so I did some photography at Watermead Park in Birstall, just around the corner from me, to try and take photos of birds in flight.. This proved to a big challenge. They moved so fast. I think I got a few nice shots but will need to...

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Product Photography

After investing in some new kit I'm now offering my services as a photographer for product photography. So if your company needs any products shots for your website or a company brochure give me a call to find out my fees and how I can help you.  

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Photography in Watermead Park, Birstall

Watermead Park in Birstall is a great place for the family, and a great place for me to try out some creative photography. I tried to capture details of the park rather than landscapes to try and focus the images on particular objects/subjects. If anybody wants to use...

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SEO Training session in Leicester

I recently attended a Training day for search engine optimisation in Leicester. It was a very informative day and reaffirmed my previous training. Search engine optimisation is sometimes seen as a black art and a lot of myths are out there as to how to be number one...

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Looking for more work again

After finishing the newsletter and meeting the deadline I find myself with a bit more time to look for more work - I never did distribute my postcard around the local area - so I'll use this time to do just that and see what response I get. Of course if anybody does...

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Not missing deadlines

This week I've been working long hours to make sure that I don't miss a deadline on a newsletter that I'm designing for a client. They need it for a particular date and it's getting very tight with all the amends they keep making. But that's part of the joys of being...

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Looking for more clients

I have just received my A6 promotional cards back from the printer and and about to go out and about delivering them through business letterboxes and talking to potential clients - lets hope this works - I only need one client for the cards to pay for themselves. Also...

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Self Promotional Work

Why is self promotional work so hard to do? Is it a lack of time to cencentrate upon it or is it the lack of a brief. When designing for my clients I don't always get a brief but they do know roughly what they want and I can talk to them and between us we work out...

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Royal Wedding Logo

I watched the Royal Wedding last Friday with my daughter, whilst watching I noticed the C&W monogram logo that they were using throughout the coverage on the BBC. I liked the design but it bugged me a little that the C came before the W in the design when it should...

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