Mother Nature Photo Composite


Mother Nature’s Impending doom is what I called this composite! I have recently discovered – I had heard of it, but never really looked into in properly. It’s a fantastic resource of images from brilliantly talented artists. You are allowed to use some of them to practice your own work with. This is what I’ve done for this composition. I took several images from deviant and made into my own photo composition using photoshop. To see the image at a larger size and also see the list of images used and credits for them please go to my new page

To give you an idea – here’s a list of the separate images in this composite – mother nature and girl, the throne, mushrooms, forest background and the dark witch.

Please let me know what you think via my deviant art page or on the contact form on this site – maybe this type of photo manipulation is something that could be used for one of your projects maybe a book cover design or music CD etc. Please feel free to contact me – [email protected]

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