Web Design Leicester

Combining great web design with functionality and good search engine optimisation is key to the websites I produce.  It’s not enough to have a website that looks good these days, it is just as important that it is fast to load, easy to find and works hard to generate business from your customers.

I have been designing & producing websites for the last ten years and over this time the technology has changed and improved immeasurably.  Today my preferred platform both for e-commerce websites and for brochure websites is WordPress – I find it flexible, cost-effective and there is generally a plug-in that will allow you the functionality the site requires.
Take a look at some of the websites I have designed & built recently – some have apps attached to them, like the Bottle Butler site, some are designed to drive e-commerce orders like zepper t-shirts and some are sites designed to impart information like trexlocal.   Simply email me for a free no obligation quotation for your new website design.